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About USA Modification

The Acocella Law Group, P.C. is a client focused law firm that is dedicated to helping homeowners resolve their mortgage issues. You can call us or schedule a face-to-face meeting. Either way we will get to know each other, review the specifics of your situation and discuss your options.

Our team, led by Frank Acocella, Esq., has a significant amount of experience protecting consumer rights, protecting client’s homes, and fighting foreclosure actions. We have assembled a nationwide network of attorneys to assist our clients through the litigation and mitigation process. Every client has contact with an attorney in their state who has oversight over their file and can provide them with the specific legal assistance that they have come to expect with Acocella Law Group, P.C.

The Acocella Law Group, P.C. is not endorsed or related to any government agency or lender.

Call us today for a free confidential consultation, 1-888-880-7075.

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