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Home Loan Modification

Everyone Can Experience Financial Difficulties, and Foreclosure Can Happen To Anyone. The Good News is, We may be able to Help!

If you are struggling to afford your home mortgage payment or have already fallen behind, now is the time to find out what options you have to avoid foreclosure and make your mortgage affordable. We will take the time to understand the circumstances that are causing the issue with your home mortgage, and then discuss the different options that are available to help you. We are Aronow Law PC. and we will work on your behalf with your lender to achieve the most advantageous resolution. In many cases it is possible to use the Loan Modification option to resolve mortgage problem which can result in a lower mortgage payment that is affordable based on your income, reinstatement of the mortgage which resolves past due balances and in many cases having some or all of the late charges and legal fees waived. These changes may enable you to stay in your home during these unprecedented economic challenges. Not all homeowners that are struggling with thier mortgage can qualify for a loan modification and there is no guarantee that you will receive a modification even if you do qualify. The decision to grant a modification is solely at your lenders discretion. . This is why we pay so much attention to gaining a detailed understanding of your situation before we discuss your options. By carefully presenting your financial situation and hardship, we can maximize your chance of sucess. It is importannt to understand that sometimes it is not possible to receive a workout that allows the homeowner to retain possesion of the home. Even in these unfortunate situations we can council you on preferable non-retention options that may be avaialble including Cash for Keys, Short sale or Deed-in-lieu. All of these options will have less of a negative effect on your credit than a Foreclosure sale..

Foreclosure is something that can happen to anybody. There are a record number of people receiving foreclosure notices (Notice of Default) and losing their home to foreclosure. Many situations can affect a person's ability to make timely mortgage payments, including:

The reality is that any of these issues can cause a person to fall behind on their payments. For many, this is the first time they have had to deal with this, and the late notices and collection calls can be overwhelming. In our initial consultation we can discuss all of your options and explain which seem the most likely to achieve your goal. There is no obligation and you should find the information helpful, no matter what course of action you choose to pursue. Simply fill out our no-obligation form to the left of this page for a free consultation or call now, 1-888-850-7075.

We work to break the unproductive cycle that becomes common with some lenders. We analyse your situation and finances and properly determine if a loan modification is a reasonable option. Just because you have already been denied by you lender does not mean that a successful resolution cannot be achieved. We will stay on top of the lender and made sure they have the information they need to give you the best opportunity to get the solution that you need, which may include reducing your mortgage payments and interest rates, forbear or defer any arrears or portions of the principal balance. We understand that it is your family's home that you are entrusting us to help you with, and we will do everything we can to find a solution that achieves your goals... Call for your free consultation, 1-888-850-7075.


DISCLAIMER: and Aronow Law PC are not endorsed by, or affiliated with any government agency or specific lender. No matter what your circumstances, there is no guarantee that you will be approved for any solution or program. The decision to offer a workout solution is solely at the lenders discretion.

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